Our Mission

They say one voice can make all the difference. Here, at Gracie Greene, we render the saying true. Nicholas Kristof shared his voice through Half the Sky, a book bearing witness to atrocities and injustices around the world, through the lens of gender inequality and oppression. It was impossible, after reading this book, for us to simply sit back.  So, in 2009, Gracie Greene, LLC and the Giving "Three" Foundation (501)c3 was established. We wanted to give the voices in third world countries the chance to finally be heard. In 2014, The Giving "Three" Foundation funded the building and opening of The Zahn School in Cambodia.

Our mission is to educate children in Cambodia and around the world by creating beautiful products, (Gracie Greene, LLC) that will raise funds for education and the fight against human trafficking. We at The Giving "Three" Foundation 
are convinced that education is the most effective way to fight poverty,
modern day slavery, and fertility.

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