Objects In Motion

Born in 2018 out of discontent for her current yoga bag, Salena Donahue set out to create something better. An avid yoga practitioner and pilates lover, she had gotten used to meeting friends, running errands, etc. in yoga clothes after class. However her yoga bag was not cutting it. Aesthetically, there was a disconnect with most yoga bags on the market, compared to the designers and brands she loved. Constantly hitting every stranger on her NYC subway commute wasn’t putting her in a zen state before yoga either.

The Objects in Motion bag is meant to solve the needs of every yogi who wants something a little extra.

With premium features like full lining that’s made out of the same fabric as your favorite tights, not only does it stretch to accommodate your mat, it also zips out to be thrown in the wash after a sweaty session. Every bag has a bonded zipper pocket with the same liner, that not only wicks but is large enough for your iphone10 plus PLUS.

Every bag is ethically handmade in NYC by a small studio of artisans who love what they do, so you can stand behind your purchase. Our leather comes from Spain and Italy, and is vegetable tanned for a less toxic finishing compared to standard chemical tanning processes.

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