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Los Angeles natives david and mike grew up fighting over everything...especially clothes. now adults, they joined forces to solve a problem...chaos in the sock and underwear drawer. missing socks, old undies. why didn’t anyone offer these products as a combo set? mom used to buy you your socks and underwear and it is about time you started to pay more attention to detail say the brothers.

Every detail counts

Quality and comfort: our team spent years sampling and testing fabrics to achieve a peak luxury product for our customers. innovative waistband designs with assortment of unique styles, our product is offered as a complete set, packaged together to provide a simple grab and go solution to your daily wardrobe. quality days begin with quality decisions, so why start your morning by ignoring style? not every aspect of confidence needs to be visible. once you start matching, you'll never look back. just because men need the most help when it comes to undergarment fashion, doesn't mean we've forgotten the women.

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The Flying Cross

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The Cheetah

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The Lucky

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