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      After taking a close look at the ingredients in our skincare and grooming products, I was shocked to learn that my wife and I were slathering our faces with toxins and irritants - day in and day out.

      I discovered that these products contained synthetic preservatives, sulfates, dyes, parabens, petroleum, mineral oils, silicones, essential oils and fragrances - which are known triggers for our sensitive skin. This was my WTF moment.

      We felt shafted. Betrayed. These products were not skin care. At best they were sort-of skin care. And this really pissed me off.

      So I decided to do something about this crap. Crap that was messing with our skin and causing flare-ups and break outs. We wanted our skin to look good again. We wanted to feel good again. You could say we wanted our confidence back.

      So I set out to develop better products, and the mission was simple:

      1. CLEAN - Free of all potential toxins, fragrances, irritants and sensitizers 
      2. GREEN - 100% natural and vegan
      3. TRANSFORMATIVE - Delivers visible results and healthy skin - otherwise what would be the point.

      The result is an ultra-clean skin care line that combines the nurturing and healing powers of plant-based botanicals, together with high-performance hydration technology. Effective for all genders, ages, and skin types.

      Mission accomplished. Our confidence was restored. Huzza!

      And now I'm on a new mission - helping others find their ideal skin health and solving real skin issues.

      ~Peter Schafrick

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