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Trisha Watson Organics Beyond Grateful Cleansing System

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An activated charcoal cleansing system packed with extracts, vitamins and oils that moisturize and protect the lipid barrier. Activated charcoal is highly known in the medical field as a super detoxification method, so imagine what this miracle ingredient does to the skin. This cleanser can help minimize pores while working as a gentle yet extremely effective exfoliant leaving the skin clean, pure and refined. This blend is packed with essential oils such as Tea Tree and Rosemary CO2 that help acne prone skin while slowing the aging process for prematurely aging skin. Beyond Grateful is designed to lightly resurface and detoxify the skin leaving a healthful and most youthful complexion. Excellent when used on congested, black head areas.

TO USE: Apply a nickel-sized amount to dry skin. Gently massage upwards breaking away makeup & environmental debris. Wet finger tips & repeat until deep cleanse has been achieved. Splash water onto face massaging & working active ingredients into skin. Rinse, leaving skin ultra smooth & freshly cleansed.