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Fugu Luggage Minilux 3-1 Messenger Bag

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Minilux 3 in 1 messenger bag holds all of your work essentials.
Minilux is a compact and handy laptop bag that will prove to be your #1 travel companion. It's versatile and can be used as a messenger bag or backpack. It also easily transforms into a desk for working on-the-go.
  • Carry Minilux on your hips with a clip-on crossbody strap 
  • Take out and clip on the backpack straps to convert your bag into a backpack
  • Turn the bag into a desk with a cup holder to work-on-the go and stay productive
  • (1) Passport pocket (2) Laptop pocket (3) Front compartment (4) Back compartment (5) Multiple internal pockets
  • Minilux expands to be as flexible as your travel needs you to be
  • Charge your devices on-the-go so you’re always contactable, no matter where you are

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