The Suburban Monk Open Mala Bracelet - The Gathering Shops
The Suburban Monk Open Mala Bracelet
The Suburban Monk Open Mala Bracelet - The Gathering Shops
The Suburban Monk Open Mala Bracelet

The Suburban Monk Open Mala Bracelet

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Wear your Suburban Monk wrist mala to unlock the mystery within and open the pathway for a life that makes sense, feels good and is so much fun to live.

These malas are a co-creation of The Suburban Monk and Satcha Malas and are all made with the highest caliber stones as well as lots of good vibes.

When the idea for a Suburban Monk mala came, Ellen knew she wanted more than “just a piece of jewelry”. She wanted something beautiful, of course, but each mala also needed to be deeply meaningful to the person wearing it, creating a powerful moment each time they put it on. These limited edition malas are the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who is seeking a richer experience of life.


We used black lava as the main stone that signifies our ever-evolving lives and paired it with two pyrite stones to give us the fortitude to be of service on this earthly plane. This OPEN mala features howlite. Open is to remind us to keep our hearts and our minds open even when we feel vulnerable.


The Oracle Cube allows you to tune into a new message from the universe simply by turning them with your fingers. On the first side, we have the image of Syd giving us a thumb’s up. The second side is the Satcha Mala mandala that represents our connection to all that is around us. The third side is our Live.Laugh.Mala! motto which reminds us to do those very things: Live and Laugh! The fourth side is the energy of the mala itself: Spirit, Wealth, Beauty or Open.

The MANTRA cards

The malas come with their own stunning mantra card, each personally written by Ellen, that you can place on your altar or anywhere to remind you of your intentions. The word and the mantra are printed in gold.

Howlite: openness, softness, harmony
Pyrite: fortitude, manifestation, focus
Black Lava: confidence, courage, strength
Mantra: I slow down to open my heart to others
With only 250 ever made, your limited edition mala is sure to become your favorite piece of jewelry that serves as a stunning reminder of your focus and intention.